DJYRO | About Our Company – DJYRO LLC
DJYRO creates innovative ways to use your iPhone / iPod. Most inventive iPhone / iPod toy.
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About Our Company – DJYRO LLC

DJYRO LLC. creates products and software that harness the elaborate sensors in smartphones.   What can your phone do if it were spinning on a wheel instead of just being held in your hand? With the advent of 3D printing, we began experimenting with and developing new objects that could truly advance the uses of the iPhone and iPod, combining simplicity with some of the most complex modern technology.  DJYRO LLC. is just the start to a whole new generation of smartly enabled products.




Ben Bloch

Glenn Kreisel




Transform your phone, put it in motion!

Who We Are

Glenn Kreisel / Co-Founder

Serial Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Arduino Engineer, Physical Product Designer.

My passion is merging software with physical stuff!  DJYRO does just that! I’ve worked at large companies like Microsoft on MSFT Word and Electronic Arts.  I’ve also boot-strapped 4 startups, and written many apps for Apple’s App Store.  My last startup, RemoteScan®, sold to Dell Corporation for millions in cash and is their most profitable business unit. RemoteScan® is still thriving 10 yrs after its creation. Smart enabled products are the future. Toys, health sensors, etc. The power of our smart devices is barely harnessed. Let’s change the world.


Ben Bloch / Co-Founder

Video and electronics artist. Co-creator of the popular internet series “Killin’ it! with Paul Crik.” Painter. Builder. Entrepreneur.

I’ve always been driven to find new ways to use today’s technology more creatively. The DJYRO is part of the pursuit to create new experiences for people everywhere.