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DJYRO creates innovative ways to use your iPhone / iPod. Most inventive iPhone / iPod toy.
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Introducing the DJYRO


Two DJs mix it up


DJYRO Explained

DJYRO Spins Metallica

Pocket DJYRO

The DJYRO app + turntable is an exciting new smart object that lets you use your iPhone or iPod the way that a DJ mixes and scratches with vinyl, by spinning it. A perfect combination of hardware and software, the DJYRO app works by altering audio files from your iPhone or iPod according to the device’s speed, position, and velocity. Choose any music from your device’s library, select overlays from a library of cool DJYRO samples, place your iPhone or iPod in the DJYRO bed, and you’re ready start jamming. You can even make your own voice recordings and spin them back at any speed or direction, on top of your favorite music. Do the DJYRO, baby!