DJYRO creates innovative ways to use your iPhone / iPod. Most inventive iPhone / iPod toy.
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What Is DJYRO?

The DJYRO app + turntable offers music, tech, and toy lovers an ingenious new way to use their iPhone or iPod: by transforming it into a spinning audio tool that looks and functions, almost magically, like a classic record player. But the DJYRO app + turntable belongs more to the future than the past.

When your smart device is spinning in the DJYRO turntable, the DJYRO app responds to its movements—changes in speed, velocity, and direction—and accordingly creates stunning transformations of sound. The DJYRO app is something entirely new, not simply the simulation of a turntable or mixing board on a screen. The DJYRO turntable moves your smartphone beyond the limits of the hand, while the DJYRO app translates these powerful movements into a complex audio and visual experience.

The DJYRO app takes advantage of your smartphone’s built-in mic. Record a sentence into your phone, and you are immediately able play it back to yourself at any speed or direction, depending on how you spin the DJYRO turntable. The DJYRO app also contains a library of pre-loaded sounds, and the ability to scratch, mix, and sample on top of any music already existing on your iPhone or iPod. Use the app’s time selector and overlay visualizer to control the amount and direction of sample playback.

Video is part of the experience too. Select from the library of pre-recorded videos or create your own, then spin it back in any speed or direction. You’ll be amazed by how seamlessly VIDJEO works.

The DJYRO turntable harnesses your smartphone’s LED light through a network of fiber optics to create a mind-blowing motion-activated light show feature, completely synched to your spinning. Amazingly, the DJYRO turntable needs no batteries and uses no wires. Connect to Bluetooth, Airplay, or your favorite headphones to experience top-notch sound quality.

The DJYRO app + turntable offers a thrilling new audio and technological experience that is raising the bar to another level with respect to well-integrated smart products. Whether using the DJYRO app + turntable as a professional DJ tool, for hours of pure play alone, with a few friends, or at big parties, serious audiophiles and casual music lovers alike will both love what the DJYRO app + turntable can do.